Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Braces Are In Her Future

My husband and both his sisters had braces when they were younger. Once my daughter's baby teeth started coming in and getting bigger we knew braces were probably in her future as she has her daddy's overbite. Major overbite! Well, now that she is starting to lose her baby teeth and get her permanent teeth we are pretty certain she will be getting braces at some point. Her first baby tooth became loose and took weeks to finally come out. In the meantime, the permanent tooth taking its place came in at an angle. Once the baby tooth was finally out of the way, the permanent tooth did straighten out some. Thankfully! Well, now she has a second loose tooth. Right next to the first one she lost. The permanent tooth is growing in straight this time and not at an angle. Only problem is this time it is growing behind where the baby tooth is. The baby tooth is not yet loose enough to pull out either. It wiggles some but not much. Of course, I have one of those children who doesn't sit there and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle it to come out. About the only time she even messes with it is when we tell her to wiggle it. I thought I had heard somewhere that most kids will bother them as soon as they are aware they are loose. Ummmm.....not my daughter. Oh well, guess it will come out when it is ready like the other one did!

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