Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Buttons!

Today my mom was here at the house with my kids and I. We were pretty much sewing buttons on hand towels all day today. About the only time we took a break was to have a quick bite to eat for lunch, go to get my baby's pictures taken, and when we had supper which was so good by the way! I made homemade shrimp alfredo. Yummy! Most of the rest of the day and evening were spent with needle and thread in hand. I think total we put just shy of 200 buttons on hand towels we had. Most of them are Christmas ones or duplicates of ones already listed in my Etsy shop. I think there may have been a few new ones that I can list but I can't remember for sure. There were just too many! Anyone need any new hand towels? Lol!

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