Sunday, July 1, 2012


We just might get some strawberries off our strawberry plants this year! Key word is MIGHT.

Last year we built a two tiered box and I planted a bunch of strawberry plants that we purchased from one of our daughter's school fundraisers. I waited too long to plant them last year so we didn't know how many of the plants would return this year.

Only a few of the plants from last year made an appearance this year. This past spring, we purchased some more strawberry plants from our daughter's school fundraiser but this time I got them planted not long after we received them.

So with the ones that came back from last year and the ones we purchased this year, I think we have over a dozen strawberry plants and some of them are already growing big enough to shoot off runners growing even more plants.

After a battle with the animals digging them up and eating the few strawberries that were starting to grow, we have finally seen progress and just might end up with a few delicious strawberries!

We had to put some fencing up around the box we built where we've planted our strawberry plants. It seems to have helped keep out the critters.

Yesterday I went out and pulled all the weeds growing around the strawberry plants. Boy, were there a lot! Hubby had taken one of those hoses that has all the tiny holes in it and wrapped it around in the box where the plants are so that makes for easier watering.

Only time will tell how many strawberries we'll get to enjoy eating this year!

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