Sunday, July 15, 2012

Got Home Later Than I Thought

Well dear readers. I've been doing SO well with my New Year's resolution to post on my blog daily this year but alas I didn't post yesterday.

Last night we went to our friend's daughter's 12th birthday party with all intentions of just staying for a few hours and then coming home. Ummm.....that didn't happen!

I was going to blog and make my daily treasury when we got back but we ended up getting home later than I thought we would so by the time we got home and baths/showers were taken, we called it a night.

It was a lot of fun sitting around relaxing and chatting with friends that we don't see all too often. So I missed a day of blogging and treasury making. No big deal. I'll post two blog posts today and make two treasuries today to make up for it! All is good!

So stay tuned for another read later tonight! :-)

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