Friday, July 6, 2012

Knock Knock

So anyone with kids, grandkids, or someone who has just been around kids knows they can say some cute, adorable things at times along with doing cute, adorable things as well. Of course you know they have those NOT so cute, adorable moments too but we won't discuss THOSE right now.

I thought I'd write about something my son did some time ago that I thought was cute, adorable, and funny all at the same time.

My hubby was in the bathroom, door shut and locked, when our 3 year old son goes to the door and knocks LOUDLY, then yells, "It's me!"

To which daddy tells him, "Shhhh." I think this was for a few reasons. I think our daughter was already in bed AND he didn't need to be yelling. Only thing was, I also think daddy was wanting him to be quiet and go away from the door. Our son translated the "Shhhh" as to mean he needed to whisper.

Next thing our 3 year old did was whisper over and over again until daddy was finished, "Open the door please. It's me. Open the door please."

Once daddy opened the door, our son told him, "I knocked knocked on the door like this." Then he preceded to knock on the door again. Gotta LOVE those toddler years don't ya?

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