Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Up Early

So last week we were preparing for my grandparent's anniversary party which made last Friday a shopping day so that meant we had to get up a bit earlier than we normally would have. Being that it is summer now, the kids and I have been taking advantage of not having to be up early to get my daughter off to school. We've been sleeping in a bit nearly everyday lately!

Since we needed to get up earlier on Friday, that meant putting the kids to bed earlier on Thursday evening, which back fired on us because Friday morning our son was up earlier than we wanted to be up.

From his room, we hear our son's little voice yell, "The potty is here!" Hubby got up to go get him and I looked at the clock. It was just after 7am!

After my son was finished using the bathroom, he came in my room and said, "I got out of my room. It's morning. Get up!"

Yeah, hubby and I were NOT ready to get up yet but alas we did. Kind of had no choice. I walked into the living room and hubby was lying on the couch. I looked at my son and said something like, "When I said you had to get up early, I didn't mean this early."

So that afternoon, after all the shopping was finished and we were back home, our son had a nap. He definitely needed it after getting up SO early! I could have taken a long nap too but didn't. I did I think catch a short little power nap though while lying down with him until he fell asleep.

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