Saturday, July 7, 2012

Helpful Daughter

Since I blogged about my son yesterday, I decided I wanted to blog about my daughter today. She'll be thrilled to know this as she LOVES it when I blog about her.

She likes to be helpful at times and then other days she wants to be lazy. I never really know which to expect from her but that is pretty typical with kids, huh?

One time in particular that I remember her wanting to be helpful was about a month and a half ago. She wanted to help get her little brother dressed. I heard her in his room going through his drawers trying to find something for him to wear.

She came to me holding a pair of his summer pajama shorts. I told her his shorts were in one drawer and his shirts were hanging in his closet. She said, "Oh." She then went and picked out an outfit for him to wear.

She took him to my room to help him get dressed. Next thing I know I hear this strange noise, almost like rustling paper. I look in and see her with a diaper in her hand. She was planning on changing his diaper too! I told her I'd change his diaper but she could still help him get dressed.

Hmmm..wonder what made her want to be so helpful she'd even change a diaper? She must have wanted something? Although, I really don't remember if she did or didn't? More than likely she didn't. She usually gets in a helpful mood sometimes just because. It's nice! Wish she was that helpful ALL the time!


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