Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breakfast Made For Me AGAIN

So on Saturday I blogged about how my daughter wanted to make me breakfast. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Well, Sunday morning she made breakfast for me again. Only this time I got breakfast in bed!

I was still snoozing away and next thing I know I feel something VERY cold touch my hand. It was the metal cookie sheet that she had put my breakfast on. She used the cookie sheet as a tray to carry everything from the kitchen to my room. On Saturday she had asked me to sleep in on Sunday morning so I had an idea that she wanted to make me breakfast in bed on Sunday, but I had forgotten about it until that cold cookie sheet on my hand woke me up. She said she used the Mother's Day tray. I think the cookie sheet she used is the same one daddy had used to make me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day before. Boy, I'm a tad spoiled at times, huh?

She prepared my breakfast ALL by herself. Daddy didn't help her at all. She said she wanted to make my morning happy. She made me the same breakfast of white toast with butter and a glass of milk. I think she was proud of herself for carrying the cookie sheet all by herself without spilling my milk.

She told me that she didn't put too much butter this time. If you missed my post from Saturday, the reason she made sure to tell me she didn't put too much butter was because on Saturday I had asked for a lot of butter (thinking she wouldn't use enough) and she used A LOT. So much that I could have probably buttered a few more pieces of toast with the extra I scraped off of Saturday morning's toast.

She informed me, "No breakfast in bed tomorrow. That's back to school." Darn! A girl could get use to this: having breakfast brought to her!

Daddy walked in from being in the garage and came in the bedroom. I told him I got breakfast in bed. My daughter was proudly pointing at herself to make sure he knew she was the one who made it for me, as if there was any doubt.

Such a SWEET daughter I have! Wouldn't trade her for anything!

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