Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drop It Again

So my son has a hot wheel sized Lightning McQueen car that talks. One of MANY of the toys the child has. How do they end up with SO many? It's crazy how fast they accumulate!

Anyway, earlier today while playing with his talking Lightning McQueen car, my son dropped it. After dropping it, all it was doing was making this strange buzzing type sound. If you pushed the button, it didn't say any of the phrases it was suppose to. It just kept buzzing. Not really sure how to quite describe it but it was just this constant annoying type of noise. :-)

My hubby was trying to get it to stop making that noise but was having no luck. I told him to drop the car again. Next thing I know, I hear a thump. Hubby had dropped the car again. Lol. It was funny!

You know what though? Yep, you guessed it! Ta da! Lo and behold that actually worked! The annoying buzzing type sound stopped. Yay!

I told my son to push the button to see if it would talk again and now it works just fine. The thing that broke it was the thing that fixed it, in this case anyway. :-)

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  1. I love when things like that happen! Remember furbies? My oldest daughter had one and she dropped it hard. After every time the lights went out it would say oh no dark I'm scared which it was supposed to do but then it would freeze up and make this high pitched noise that sounded like a scream. It would not stop until the batteries came out. It never stopped doing it. Every time the light went out it screamed at us. lol!