Friday, May 18, 2012

Already Had Dessert

So a little bit ago, after we had supper, I asked hubby if he would dish me out some ice cream. Granted, I could have totally done it myself but sometimes it is kind of hard to scoop out especially if it is a new, full container so most times hubby usually dishes out the ice cream without complaining. He's just such a great hubby! Wouldn't trade him for anything!

His response to me tonight though when I asked him was, "You already had dessert." To which, at first I don't think I caught on then realized what he meant.

See, BEFORE supper we went out to Sheridan's Frozen Custard for ice cream so that was my dessert hubby was referring to. My son had a dish of vanilla, my daughter had a small chocolate cone, and hubby and I each had a strawberry banana smoothie. The smoothies were made with vanilla custard, strawberries, bananas, and ice all blended up together and drank through a straw. Oh so yummy!

My reply to hubby's, "You already had dessert."  was, "No, that was from a straw. Dessert is to be eaten with your fingers or a spoon." Our smoothies may have been made with custard but since we drank them through straws, they were more like a drink, not dessert. Who agrees with me? :-)

Btw, he did scoop me out some ice cream and it was yummy too! :-)

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  1. Well then I guess a rootbeer float is not to be considered dessert, Yay!