Saturday, May 19, 2012

All You Can Eat Buffet

Hubby and I had a date night tonight. We took our kids over to my mom's house and then the two of us went out for all you can eat crab legs. Oh so yummy!

We both really enjoy getting out just the two of us, kid free. Doesn't seem to happen too often.

Only problem is we both always eat WAY too much when we go to an all you can eat buffet. It should really be called "all you can eat BEFORE you over do it". We definitely enjoyed our meal but we were both pretty miserable right afterward from being TOO full. We were stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys and probably even more so than that if that's possible!

I joked with the waitress that I need to eat my dessert FIRST from now on. It is so good but I usually hardly ever have room for much dessert by the time I fill up on everything else. 

After we picked the kids up from my mom's house, hubby dropped my daughter and I off at home while he and my son went to get some ice cream at the grocery store.

I had told my daughter that we could get some more ice cream tonight if they behaved for my mom. Ice cream would be their reward. Mom said they were pretty good so ice cream they were getting.

Funny thing is, when hubby and son got back home from the grocery store with the ice cream, that silly man thought I'd want some! Ummm.....yeah right! I was still TOTALLY stuffed from the buffet. There was no way I had any room whatsoever for ice cream at that moment. No way!

I think he was too full still as well because I don't think he scooped any ice cream for himself either, just for the two kids. I'll have to have some tomorrow. Maybe a double scoop to make up for not having any tonight. :-)


  1. I love your blog, this is a cute post!

  2. I sometimes could forgo the main meal for the desert as well. I found your blog link through Etsy and am a follower now. Please follow me back at