Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Tenth Featured Etsian

Tonight I am going to shine a spotlight on a shop I don't think I had ever seen before until tonight. I had just finished making my daily treasury for my New Year's resolution this year and just moments afterward I noticed I already had a comment. That comment was posted by my tenth featured Etsian, Cheree from miasorellagifts. Her shop can be found here.

I just LOVE this shop so I had to add it to my favorites! One day maybe I'll get the chance to own one of these fabulous pieces! Obviously since my FAVORITE color is blue, I have featured just blue items in this blog post but don't let that fool you! There are other colors to be found at miasorellagifts!

Pictured in this post are just some of the awesome items she has for sale! The photos in this shop are FANTASTIC! Love them! Can you see why? I mean, they are AWESOME so I'm thinking so are the items pictured!

Don't think that a gravy boat, spoon rests, and kitchen trivets with cheese servers are the only things found in this shop! If you click that link above you'll also find serving platters, sponge holders, butter dishes, and SO much more! Go have a look already will ya?

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