Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shorts And Shirts

This morning, my daughter proved to me that although I don't always know it, she does in fact listen to me when I'm talking to her.

In the past, I had made her change her shorts before because the shirt she was wearing with them was so long that you could barely tell she had shorts on. Well, this morning she was all upset because this same dilemma was happening again. All of her shirts were too long to wear with the shorts she had picked out for today. All of her shirts except one that is, but she didn't want to wear it. You'll find out why later in this blog post.

After I finished my shower and got dressed, because of course, she didn't wait until I was OUT of the shower to ask for my help, I went and solved the problem. Mommy to the rescue! Bless daddy's heart though. He was trying!

Both she and daddy were searching for MORE shirt choices so she could still wear the shorts she had picked out. Mommy's solution to the problem was to just pick out a different pair of shorts. Pick out a pair that were a tad longer. Made more sense to me? Seemed easier too!

So my daughter reluctantly decided upon another pair of shorts and then ended up wearing the shirt that was the only shirt she thought was long enough to go with the first pair of shorts she had chosen for the day. The shirt that she DIDN'T want to wear. Too funny!

Now here's where that whole listening when I don't always know it thing comes in. Awhile ago, I had told her that just because articles of clothing are the SAME color but DIFFERENT shades of the SAME color, that doesn't mean they ALWAYS match.

The shorts she originally picked out to wear this morning were a tan color and the ONLY shirt according to her that would be short enough to wear with them was a dark brown color. So they would have matched just fine but she had remembered what I had told her about same color, different shades so she didn't think they would look alright together.

Yeah, that would be MY fault! Apparently I had better write down the exceptions to my same color, different shade thing huh? Browns are definitely an exception! Unfortunately it all will just depend on the actual pieces of clothing at each given time to know if there will ever be any other exceptions.

I'm so glad to know that she does listen to things I tell her though, even when I don't know it! That makes me feel good about how I'm doing as a mommy!

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