Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's That Noise?

About two weeks ago, we came home from being out and my daughter went into the bathroom. She told me the shower was making a funny noise so I went in there and yep, she was right. I heard this strange noise. I looked around, turned the water on and off, but still couldn't figure out what it was so I told hubby so he could check it out.

Hubby went into the bathroom, looked around, and didn't know what was causing the noise either. He pulled things out of my son's closet to get to where the water pipes were for the shower and still couldn't figure out the noise. He went downstairs but said he couldn't hear the noise down there.

Hubby then went back into the bathroom to have another look and listen. Ta da! He figured it out! You will probably NEVER guess what on Earth was making the strange noise that had us baffled for awhile.

Wanna know? Of course you do! That's why you're still reading this blog post!

The cause of the strange noise was my hubby's razor. Now you ask, "How does a razor make noise?" Well, when it is one that is battery operated so that it can vibrate while you shave, and it somehow is on while lying on the shower shelf, as it vibrates against the plastic it makes a strange noise. Crazy, huh?

Even crazier is that before I left the house that evening, I'm pretty sure that razor WASN'T on because I don't remember hearing anything. Even crazier is that AFTER hubby turned it off and put it back in the shower, a little bit later we heard that same strange noise. The razor was back on again and none of us turned it on!

We assume it was just a malfunction with it as it had been dropped a few times and where the battery goes in at, it didn't quite close properly anymore. Still, what a crazy evening that was! Guess it is time for hubby to buy a new razor, huh?

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