Thursday, May 10, 2012

Didn't Like The New Stroller

This morning after I woke my son up, I put him in our new stroller that my hubby had put together last night. Then we were off to walk my daughter to school.

Boy, my son didn't like it. He was obviously already crabby from being woke up but he was also crabby because he didn't want to use the new stroller.

After we got back from walking my daughter to school and he got out of the new stroller, I think he said something about it being for babies and he wanted the different one, meaning the old stroller.

Apparently he doesn't like change, huh? I think after awhile he'll be fine with it. Mommy likes the new stroller better. It's a tad bit smaller and has a few features that the old stroller doesn't have. I'm cool with using the new one already but he isn't. He'll come around in time though I'm sure!

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