Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Vegetables

This blog post is going to be about green vegetables! Hmmmm...........let's make a list!

Well, you have one of the obvious ones that come to mind- green beans! I posted a blog post last month about green beans that you can read here if you missed it!

Then you have some other healthy green veggies. Some of which I like and some I don't.

Let's see. There's:

artichoke- This green veggie just gets an ok from my tastes buds. When we buy it, which isn't very often, we usually steam it and then dip it in butter. My daughter LOVES it!

asparagus- Tastes great steamed with some seasonings on it!

avocado- I just LOVE guacamole which you probably know is made from avocados. I use to only be able to have it when out to eat at a restaurant. The kind I found in a store was just disgusting! I have since found some at Sam's Club that is really good! Avocados are also good with salt. Just cut one in half, take out the seed, salt it, and dig in with a spoon!

broccoli- I think this is probably one of my all time favorite green veggies! I like it fresh dipped in the ranch/sour cream dip. Broccoli is also GREAT steamed with melted Velveeta cheese on it. Broccoli is also pretty yummy cooked in stir fry. So many tasty ways to eat broccoli because you can't forget about broccoli cheese casserole!

brussel sprouts- These are good with melted butter and salt!

cabbage- A bigger version of brussel sprouts. I like cabbage steamed and topped with butter and salt too!

celery- This one gets a big YUCK from me unless it has cream cheese on it and even then it only ranks up to an ok. I'll eat it cooked in soup but could really care less if celery was part of my diet.

cucumbers- Technically only green on the outside and more of a white color on the inside but we'll include them as a green veggie. I love to peel them, slice them, salt them, and then dip them in Italian dressing. Oh so tasty! I recently found seedless cucumbers at Sam's Club which are awesome! I hate it when I buy cucumbers and they have those really big chewy seeds!

green onions- These are GREAT a top a big ol' bowl of potato soup which is another topic I've already written about here. Be fair warned! If you haven't read the potato soup post yet, you just might find yourself wanting a bowl of potato soup after you do!

green peppers- All I can say about this veggie is YUCK! YUCK! And did I mention? YUCK! Get the idea I don't like green peppers do ya? Ummmmm.......nope, I don't.

green tomato- Fried green tomatoes is probably the most common thing to make with green tomatoes. Can you say EWWWW! Yep, not for my taste buds!

jalepeno pepper- Adds FANTASTIC flavor to home made salsa! I posted about that a LONG time ago. You can read it here if you'd like!

lettuce- Mmmm.....I love salads with all the toppings! Of course as soon as I add all the "extras" to my salad, well, it's no longer too healthy for me but boy howdy does it taste great!

lima beans- Are they green? I think they are? Well, whether they are or aren't, they are still GROSS in my opinion!

okra- We love fried okra dipped in ranch dressing! Yep, that's a healthy way to eat it huh?

peas- Another ok veggie for me. I'll eat them but they are definitely NOT one of my favorites. My hubby on the other hand, really likes them.

zucchini- Another veggie like the cucumber that is green on the outside but not on the inside. We'll categorize it as green too. We enjoy this veggie yet the unhealthy way too, fried and dipped in ranch dressing!

Alrighty, my mind is drawing a blank now. Can't think of any other green vegetables. Did I forget any?

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