Friday, March 23, 2012

How Fast People Eat

It's crazy how people eat at different paces! Very different paces. Granted I know that not everyone is the same but still.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about and what prompted this blog post.

A little while ago I went into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. As I was peeling it I told my hubby they were probably just perfect for him because he likes them right after the greenness is gone. I on the other hand prefer them once they are a bit more yellow but was hungry for a snack so I was going to eat one today.

Well, hubby must have thought a banana sounded good too because next thing I know he had one and before I know it he wasn't eating one anymore.

I asked him, "Did you already scarf down that banana?" To which he answered yes.

My next questions to him were, "Did you even chew it?" "Did you even taste it?"

I asked these two questions because I had started eating my banana before he got one and still had half of mine left when he finished his.

Soooooo.........he apparently eats TOO fast or I eat TOO slow. We definitely eat at different paces!

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