Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Morning Riser

So the time right now is 7:39am on a Saturday morning. Yes, you read that right, SATURDAY morning!

Now why am I up this early on a Saturday. Well, let me tell ya! I don't want to be up this early that's for sure but a certain lil' three and a half year old decided he wanted to get up early today.

From the other room this morning, I hear a lil' voice calling, "Mommy. Mommy." I looked at the clock and saw the numbers 7:12. Seriously? 7:12am on a SATURDAY?

I don't even get up this early during the week!

I do have a lot going on today so getting up early is actually a good idea so I can get everything accomplished that I need to but man, getting up early may be a good idea but it's an idea I don't much like!

1 comment:

  1. I was right there with you. My little 2 year old was wide-eyed and chattering at 7am. no need for alarm clocks!