Saturday, March 3, 2012


My family is a family of cheese heads! Now this isn't because we live in Wisconsin or because we are Green Bay Packers fans. This is because we literally eat a ton of cheese. Ok, not really a TON, but a whole lot!

We use shredded cheese for SO many things in our house:

on tacos

on nachos

on burritos

on quesadillas

on enchiladas

on salads

on baked potatoes

on potato soup

on scrambled eggs

And my kids even eat shredded cheese all by itself. As a kid growing up, we used to take a slice of bread and bake it with shredded cheese on it. I've done this as an adult too.

I think the all time favorite cheese in our house would have to be colby jack cheese slices. My kids LOVE this kind of cheese the most. A lot of times when we go grocery shopping my daughter will ask if we can buy some.

Now don't forget some of the other popular cheeses too:

sliced American cheese which is GREAT for plain grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled ham/cheese or turkey/cheese sandwiches

parmesan cheese that makes all those pasta meals taste that much better

and cottage cheese which isn't necessarily in the same "cheese" family as all the others but still has cheese in the name and my kids eat A LOT of it as well. My grandma basically buys cottage cheese for her house just for my kids to eat when we come over for supper. They love it SO much!

As you can see, you probably agree we are cheese heads! Are you a cheese head too?

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