Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding The Needle

This morning I was sewing on buttons when my needle broke. Great! Just what I needed! I was on a roll getting things accomplished!

Sooooo.....I just KNOW that I have nearly a whole package of needles but do I know where they are? Nope. I sure don't. Of course I don't. When you need something you don't know where it is. Isn't that how it usually goes?

I looked in my sewing cabinet. I looked in my cases with all my buttons and didn't see them. I looked in my little tubs of craft supplies and didn't see them. I looked in some other places that I have some other craft supplies and yet I still could not find those darn needles that I just KNOW that I have.

Running out of places to look, I went back to look again in my cases with my buttons. Out of all the places I would keep them that would be a GOOD place for them but alas the needles I was looking for hadn't appeared for me.

I did however realize that my other spools of thread were in one of the cases of buttons and guess what was on them. Yep, you guessed it. There were TWO spools of thread in the case and each one had a needle in it!

All that searching and looking around was a waste of time because what I needed was in one of the FIRST places I had looked. I didn't see them though because I had my mind set on finding the other needles I was looking for, which are still missing by the way. I'll find them one day when I am NOT looking for them.

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