Monday, March 26, 2012

Making My Own Patterns

I am not one that really likes to follow a pattern. I would much rather make up my own pattern that way my creation is my creation. Not just because I make it but because I design it as well.

One of the items I created the pattern for is the rainbow circle face scrubbies that I sell in my Etsy shop.

The other day I had a buyer ask if I could make this circle be shaped more like a rainbow. I was up for the challenge! I love trying new things!

After quite a few trial and errors and thinking I was going to have to tell the buyer it was a no go, I was finally able to create a pattern that turned out to be a rainbow shaped face scrubbie. I was so proud of myself for being able to figure it out! I don't even remember how many tries it took but I was a determined lil' crocheter and was gonna get it right!

Here is the finished product! I'm pleased with the end result! Whatcha think?

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