Sunday, August 30, 2009

Treat Jar

On Monday, August 17th, we went to the school for the Kindergarten Meet And Greet. Tuesday, August 18th was the first day of school for our daughter. On Saturday, August 22nd the woman who lives next door called and asked if she could come over. She had something for our daughter. I told her yes, that would be fine so she came over a few minutes later.

With her she brought a big jar that had a lot of change in it and a few one dollar bills. Apparently in her family she has a tradition that takes place when each of her grandchildren had started Kindergarten. They got to put their hand in what she calls the "treat jar". However much money their little hand could pull out was theirs to keep and spend. They could only use the one hand though. She let our little girl be a part of this tradition. Our daughter's little hand pulled out $4.14. She put it with her money she was already saving. She had $1.00 from the tooth fairy, $1.00 from a woman who gave it to her who had come to a yard sale we had this summer, and her earnings from her chore chart she has recently begun to do small little things around the house from to earn some money. She is saving up to buy a Mermaid Barbie. With the money she got from the "treat jar" she is over half way there.

I thought it was such a sweet nice thing our neighbor did. She reminds me a lot of my grandparents and is about their age too. She has always been so nice to all of us. We exchange gifts at Christmas and she brings the kids things on occasion. I think she enjoys watching our kids grow up. She's lived here in our neighborhood since her children were little so she's been here for many many years and knows a lot of the neighbors. It's really hard to find such nice people in this world now a days but there are still some around.

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