Friday, August 28, 2009

School Fundraisers

As any of you who have been following my blog know, my daughter started Kindergarten last week. Of course, along with being in school comes the fundraisers they do. Yes, on just the 8th day of school they sent home the first of who knows how many fundraisers. We don’t expect anyone to buy anything but I am going to tell you about it just in case any of you are interested in making a purchase. So here goes my sales pitch.

The first thing that the school is having the kids sell is a coupon book called Entertainment 2010. It has over $16,000 in everyday savings. You can save with card savings, coupons that are in the book, and also coupons you can print more of online. As with pretty much any of the school fundraisers the kids get to win prizes for every so many things they sell. With this particular one, she only has to sell one to win the lowest prize on the list. Of course she will be getting that because obviously we’re going to buy one. In order to win a “Fuzzy Monkey” which she wants she needs to sell at least two books total. We’re hoping she can at least reach that goal. There are different editions based on many cities throughout the US. There are also Canadian editions too.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least blog about this. You never know. One of you might like getting this type of book. So if anyone is interested just let me know and we’ll make arrangements to get the money from you. You can either leave a comment letting me know you are interested or contact me via my Etsy shop here. Thanks so much for reading this!

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