Sunday, August 30, 2009

French Toast

Mmmmm mmmm good! I love French toast whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Picture this, nice fresh hot off the stove French toast smothered in butter and drowning in syrup. Can you see it? Can you taste it? I could this morning! Know what made it even better? It was made for me by my hubby so I didn't even have to cook! Paired up with a nice big ol' glass of orange juice and I had a wonderful tasty breakfast. Now I know I could have included a picture so you could have had a visual along with this description but there was just not time to be snapping a photo. I was too busy eating! Are you hungry now?


  1. That sounds yummy! I had a boring bran muffin. My son loves french toast! It always puts him to sleep though. Kind of like a carbohydrate overload!

  2. French toast is always good no matter what time of the day! It makes a wnderful winter meal :-)

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