Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Smell Bacon!

Hyvee used to have this box of ends and pieces of bacon that my hubby loved to buy. All of a sudden they decided not to have that brand anymore. We tried looking at another grocery store only to not be able to find it. I joked with hubby that if he ever found it again he was probably going to stock up on it and freeze it so he'd have a bunch of it. He even checked into Hyvee.com to see about getting it. They had it on there but he wasn't sure how that worked. If it shipped right to you or if it shipped to the store and you picked it up? Well, he doesn't have to worry about it because when we went to the grocery store Sunday night Hyvee had it in stock again. Yep, you guessed it. He bought three boxes of it! Last night I was sitting at the computer thinking to myself that bacon sounded good. I said it outloud and the next thing I knew hubby was in the kitchen frying bacon. It was 9:45pm at night! Yeah, that was a very strange late night snack and oh so healthy too! It sure was tasty though! The house still smells like bacon today!

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