Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Love Tiara

This is a picture that my daughter drew and I colored. My daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES it when I blog about her whether it is something she said or did. As long as it is about her she is happy! She doesn't sound like she loves to be the center of attention or anything, does she?

This morning I had her practicing how to write her name five times since she is five years old. Now she already knows how to write her name in capital letters and has for quite some time but now that she is in school the teacher wants her to write it in lower case letters in the style of writing the school teaches. So when I had her start practicing she wanted to draw a picture for me to write my name on and color when she was all done writing her name. I told her I would and I did.

The picture she drew she said is called a love tiara. She picked the colors I was to color it with. Blue for the heart and pink for the tiara. I had to write my name at the top of the page too. I have a feeling that part came about because she has to write her name at the top of her papers for school.

It's so funny around here when her and I do stuff like this. Most of the time when we are done she will say something like, "Are you going to take a picture?" or "Now you have to blog about it." Geez, blog about her one time and now she thinks that is all I want to write about. Kids! Gotta love them!

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