Monday, August 3, 2009

My Sunday

So once again I have fallen further behind on my blog. My goal is to blog something for all to read on a daily basis and I am not doing well at reaching my goal. I believe I still owe you a few blogs. One of these days I will catch up. I hope! Yesterday was a busy, full day for us. I got up and had a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then I went around and tidied up the house and showered. About noon my mom, her boyfriend, my dad, and his wife all came over. The guys were going to help my hubby put up some new beams on our patio. The guys went out back to get to work. My daughter and my dad's wife stayed home with the guys while my mom, myself, and the baby all went to Sears to go shopping. We got a lot of great deals on some clothes, perfume, cologne, and shoes. All clearanced athletic shoes and children's shoes were on sale for buy one get one free so I got my daughter a new pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes to start her first day of kindergarten with. All of the already clearanced clothes were on sale too for an additional 40% off of the already clearanced prices. Couldn't pass that up! When we got back we had a bbq and sat around visiting for a bit. Once everyone left we ran up to Wal-mart and did some shopping, came home, and I finished up crocheting some hand towels. Then we gave the kids their baths and called it a night. Whew, what a busy, full Sunday!

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