Monday, August 24, 2009

Lunch Box Notes

Just a quick little blog tonight so I don't fall even further behind than I already am! On the first day of school I put a little note in my daughter's lunch box. It said her name, have a great first day at school, we love you, love mommy, daddy, and her little brother's name. That night she wanted me to put a note in her lunch the next day too that said the same thing only have it say have a great second day at school. She continues to want me to put a note in her lunch box each day. I cut the paper in the shape of a heart. She really likes it when the hearts are big though. One day it was a tad smaller and she told me she wanted a big heart. I have absolutely no problem writing her a little note each and every day for her to find at lunchtime. It means a lot to me that she loves it so much! It's so cute! She says it makes her miss me and feel loved. I think she is really enjoying school but glad to see me when she gets home. I might just have to cut a whole bunch of paper hearts out and have them ready to go though so I don't have to make one each and every day!

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