Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Second Featured Etsian!

Today rather than write about my adorable little girl or my handsome little boy I have decided to feature my second fellow Etsian here on my blog. Don't worry! I will most likely be back to sharing stories about my kids tomorrow! Today I am featuring another woman who placed a bid on my Alchemy request some time ago for rainbow soap. It seems that when I place requests on Alchemy I just don't have the heart to turn everyone down so I usually end up accepting more than one bid. That's good for sellers but bad for my pocket book! I'm glad I chose two shops in the case of the rainbow soap request though. I received five of the adorable little soap in the picture. They arrived to me well packaged in their own little ziplock baggies with a professional looking label attached. They smell absolutely amazing and they were made by I purchased them in order to pair them up with some of my rainbow face scrubbies which I have finally had the chance to do. They can be seen here in my shop with this cute little soap. Be sure to go and check out all the other great looking soaps in her shop! She has candles too, plus more! Go have a look! You know you want to!

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