Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still Behind

I know! I know! I said I'd try and write again last night. Ummm....yeah, that didn't happen huh? I'm still a day behind but I will catch up, one of these days. Yesterday was the first day of a three day fall festival craft show. I got home late because they didn't close the tents when we thought they were going to. A woman from a booth near ours actually ended up helping close them so we could finally leave more than 30 minutes after we were suppose to. There were still so many people around who kept coming in the tents even though you could tell people were closing up. We didn't want to leave all of our stuff there with all the people still around. Once the tent was finally closed I had to drive home and get the kids tucked into bed, check my Etsy shop and e-mails, and pack up some things to take back with me today to the show. Whew! What a busy day it was! Today is going to be a long one too so be prepared to have this be your only read for today. It's okay. Don't cry! You know I'll do what I can to get you some more to read as soon as possible. Here's a tissue. Now cheer up! I'll be back when I can!

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