Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Birds

Uugghh....I do not like to get up early! I miss the mornings of saying good-bye and I love you to hubby when he left for work then rolling back over and sleeping until the kids woke up. I don't get to do that anymore now that my daughter goes to school. I have to be up to get her up and ready. This morning hubby had to leave a bit earlier than normal. I was going to have him bring me my cell phone so I could set the alarm on it. My plan was to roll over and fall back asleep for a bit. Only thing is, after I asked him to bring me my phone from my desk I remembered it wasn't on my desk but in my jacket pocket. So of course, I had to get up myself. Came in the living room to find him searching my oh so cluttered desk not having any luck finding my phone. I told him never mind, I remembered it was in my jacket. I set the alarm on it but then decided to just go ahead and stay up. I know I will be tired later but oh well. I'm hoping to try and accomplish a few things before having to get the kids up to start their day. Got one thing done so far. My blog post for you to read! This early morning stuff is for the birds though! I don't like it much! They can have the worm! I'll keep my pillow, blankets, and warm, cozy bed!

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