Monday, September 28, 2009


I have had my daughter's pictures taken at Sears ever since she was 4 weeks old. Last week for her 6th birthday I ended up taking her to Wal-mart to have them done. One, because the Sears I like to go to was closed on the day of her birthday. I'm a stickler for having pictures taken on the exact day. And two, I was kind of ready to start going somewhere else anyway. We've pretty much used up all the backgrounds and props available at Sears. They called me today to let me know the pictures were in. I actually wasn't expecting them until tomorrow. I needed to get some baby food for my son so I decided to go ahead and pick up the pictures today. Yeah, that didn't happen. Of all the times for me to be at Wal-mart I went when the picture place was closed for lunch. Go figure! Guess I'll just be getting them on the day they were originally suppose to be back after all. Looks like I'll be making another Wal-mart run tomorrow.

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