Monday, September 7, 2009

So Many Items Or Less

So we all have some sort of pet peeves or things that bug us right? Well, one of mine is people who get in the so many items or less lines at the store with WAY more than the maximum amount intended for that line. Sometimes the lines are set up for 10, 12, 15, or 20 items or less. You know what lines I'm referring to here.

Let me tell you about my latest experience with this issue. We stopped in at Wal-mart the other day to pick up three things which ended up being four because I thought a 3 Musketeer's candy bar sounded good. I ran in really quick while hubby and the kids waited in the truck. At least I was hoping it would be really quick. I think I waited in line longer than it took me to walk around the store finding my three things I was needing. This particular Wal-mart we went to is usually extremely busy especially on the weekends so the 20 items or less lines were already long when I went to check out.

I started to get in one line and then realized it was a cash only line and I was planning to use my bank card. I ended up just one line over thankfully or I could have been there for a LONG time. Looking back at the cash only line I saw a woman putting her things up on the counter to check out. Let me remind you that I think the lines at this Wal-mart are 20 items or less. This woman already had the counter top FULL and still had probably over 20 items left in her shopping cart to put up there once the cashier made room.

People like this are what make the lines even longer. People who are in the store for just a few things expect these type of lines to go quicker than the regular check-out lines. I mean, come on. 20 items is a lot to begin with let alone having more than that. Now I know I am guilty of having just a few more than the maximum amount of items at times so I'm okay with someone else doing so but double or more of the amount of items is just annoying! To me it is anyway.

One time we were at this same Wal-mart and two woman were behind us with a cart full of things. After getting in line I think they realized it was a so many items or less line. I heard them talking and they were saying that they would just leave the cart if the cashier refused to check them out because they had too many items. They were well aware they were in the wrong line but just didn't care.

Maybe I'm just not a rule breaker or something but my hubby and I usually count how many things we have. We've been known to put something back just to not have too many. Other times like I said before, we have been guilty of having a few too many. Okay, that's my gripe for the day. Does this bother anyone else or is it just me being silly?


  1. I hear ya! I hate it when people do that. At my regular grocery store, during non-busy hours, they only open the 20 or less line, and I have to do my weekly shopping, which is well over the limit. I always feel guilty but there's no where else to check out. I hate it when someone gets behind me in line (after I'm already being rung in) and I can't let them ahead of me with their two items.

  2. You have more patience than I do!! That just happened to me and all I wanted was 1 box of ink..needless to say i got mad(no one offered for us to go ahead either) so I tossed it on the floor,and said some words and left,lol. And..ours closes a lot of registers by 9pm!!! And I'm thinkin'..what the heck? Isn't this when most folks go and are off work?? What's up with that?