Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Very Little Sleep

My hubby was out of town last night for work. When he is gone I already feel like I don't sleep as well but last night was just crazy! I almost feel like I should have not even bothered to go to bed. Let me give you a run-down on what sleep I didn't get! Here's all the times/reasons I woke up last night:

Midnight: This is about the time I went to bed after I got the kids to sleep and enjoyed some quiet time all to myself.

2:48am: This was the time on the clock when I woke up because my daughter was having a dream and made a noise.

3:18am: We had a few thunderstorms come through so about this time some rumbles of thunder woke me back up. Obviously I had not been back to sleep very long. Normally I love the big ol' claps of thunder. Just NOT while I'm trying to sleep!

3:55am: Again I hadn't been asleep long when the storms woke me back up. This time it wasn't the thunder though. It was the sound of pea sized hail coming down.

4:44am: This was the time on the clock when baby woke up and needed mommy to rock him back to sleep.

5:46am: My daughter must have been doing a lot of dreaming last night because she woke me up again.

6:34am: This was the time on the clock when baby woke up again and I had to rock him back to sleep again.

7:30am: My alarm went off. I won't lie. I hit snooze a few times. Wouldn't you have too? Then I had to get up to shower and get my daughter ready for school. you can see I didn't get a whole heck of a lot of sleep last night. Seriously, I should have just stayed up all night! Don't ya think?

Then I felt awful because I had to wake my son up, who was snoozing away so soundly, so I could walk my daughter to school. Go figure! He sleeps when I can't but wakes up when I want to sleep! Isn't that how it seems to go quite often?

Obviously I was super tired today and REALLY hope to get a better night's rest tonight! Wish me luck!

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