Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today my daughter turned six. My how time flies! We took her and had the most adorable pictures of her taken at Walmart tonight then headed over to her choice of restaurant. Yes, she stuck with her choice of Red Lobster. It was so good! Mmm mmm! We nearly froze to death though when we first got seated at our table! It was SO SO cold! I wanted a jacket but didn't have mine with me. Hubby was even a bit chilly and he is hardly ever cold so if he was chilly you know it was cold in there! Overall my daughter had a great birthday and that is all that matters! She had fun at school handing out treats to her classmates. Was a ham for the camera during pictures and LOVED the fact that they sang Happy Birthday to her at Red Lobster. She actually reminded them that they hadn't sung yet. She also loved the gift we gave her tonight for her present from us. I will hopefully be blogging about it one of these days as I got it from an amazing shop here on Etsy. You'll have to keep reading my blog daily to see what it is. I still need to blog about her party we had for her a few weekends ago and show off the cake we made. Stay tuned!

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