Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Birthday Treats

My daughter's birthday is Tuesday. She wanted to take treats to school to celebrate with her class. The procedure for this is that whatever you bring has to be store bought and individually wrapped. Although I like the idea of this because you just don't know how clean all the other kid's families and houses are, it can get a bit expensive by the time you buy enough to treat 26 kids and the teacher. We bought Hi-C juice boxes and chocolate cupcakes tonight for my daughter to share with her class. This was what she wanted to take. Of course since there are 27 to feed I had to buy three packages of each so we will have extra to enjoy at home! This also made it cost more to buy enough. I think it was somewhere around $15.00 plus tax. You can buy a cake mix and thing of frosting for about $3.00. Big price difference here but again I completely like the idea of pre-packaged. It completely makes sense and is totally understandable. This blog wasn't necessarily to complain. I just wasn't sure what to write about and this topic came to mind. I'm doing good to not fall behind yet this month! Notice I said yet. And yes, I still know I owe you a few posts from last month!

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