Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open House

Tonight was our first Open House at our daughter's school. All went fine. Everyone started off in the auditorium where the principal introduced the staff of the school and a few of them talked about some things. After that you went to your child's classroom and the teachers talked about some of the things going on in the class. My daughter's teacher had the kids do a scavenger hunt with their parents and find some things in the classroom. They had to check them off as they showed the parents where they were. After they were done they turned in their paper to her and received a prize. The prize was a box of crayons. Tonight kind of reminded me of Kindergarten round-up with so many people in the room and the teacher bouncing back and forth. We didn't really get a chance to talk to her about anything. I'm glad that the parent teacher conference will be a one on one with her. I'm sure it will be so much less hectic.

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