Saturday, June 2, 2012


The other day when we went to JoAnn's Craft Store, I purchased some temporary Scooby Doo tattoos for my son that he found when we were browsing the clearance aisle. He thinks they are stickers though, not tattoos.

Tonight he wanted his "stickers" opened. I told him they were tattoos and that they went on his arm. He wanted one for his arm so after he picked out the one he wanted,  I cut it from the sheet, and told him to go to the bathroom.

I think he liked having the water put on his arm when we were putting on the tattoo. He LOVES to play in the water. After we got the tattoo on and dried off, he thought it was so neat. Off he went to show daddy and sister his arm.

Of course once my daughter saw, she asked if she could have a tattoo as well. I told her yes to which my son immediately added, "Go to the bathroom." Too funny! He knew that is where he had to go so he instructed her to the same place. I had her pick out one of her own tattoos from her more "girly" ones rather than having a Scooby Doo one. She ended up choosing a glittery fairy, but of course wanted it in the same place on her arm that my son had his.

My son is still calling his tattoo a "sticker" though. I'm not even going to try to explain the difference. He's just three so it really isn't a big deal whether it's a "sticker" or a tattoo. He is walking around talking about having "stickers" on his arm and I think it's rather cute.

He and daddy were in the kitchen. I heard him tell daddy to "Leave them on daddy. They are mine." I had asked daddy if he wanted a tattoo also but he didn't so I don't think my son has to worry about daddy taking his "stickers" but maybe he was just making sure. LOL!

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