Friday, June 8, 2012

Band-aids For The Ouwies

This past week my son has wanted band-aid after band-aid for his ouwie on his foot. Yeah, not for sure how to spell that word but hopefully you get what I was TRYING to spell. Lol.

His main place to put a band-aid has been on his foot where one of his pairs of shoes has rubbed a blister. He will literally get not one, but two, sometimes three band-aids in one day for the same ouwie.

His blister is on the side of foot so that the band-aid actually sticks to the top and bottom of his foot so when he doesn't have a sock on, the band-aid eventually comes undone. Of course once it comes undone, it doesn't stick well anymore, thus the need for a new band-aid. Of course, if he would wear a sock then the band-aid wouldn't come undone but if he has a sock on he can't SEE his band-aid. He likes to look at it.

Earlier today my son got his thumb caught in the door. It wasn't too serious. Just a little spot of pinched skin. Some time AFTER his thumb getting hurt, he was complaining about an ouwie so I told him to go get a band-aid for it. He proceeded to lift up his foot. He was going to take the band-aid from his foot and put it on his thumb. I thought it was kind of cute and funny so thought I'd blog about it tonight.

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