Thursday, June 14, 2012

Barking Dog

One of our neighbors across the street from us has a really big dog. I'm not positive on the breed of dog but I think it is a Mastiff? I just know he's HUGE but oh so cute!

On occasion he barks. Sometimes I look to see what he's barking at and other times I don't. Just depends on how the bark sounds and how long he keeps barking.

Earlier this morning I was sitting on the couch, both my kids were still sleeping, and hubby had already left for work, when I hear the neighbor's dog start barking. It was a deep bark that made me think he was barking at SOMEONE not SOMETHING so I went to look out the window.

As soon as I look out, I start to get a tad bit startled because the neighbor's dog is up on his hind legs at the fence barking away at something across the street, my side of the street. I'm still looking out the window trying to figure out what the dog is barking at when the mail woman walks across my driveway to my front step.

Whoa! That scared me a bit! I was SO glad it was just the mail woman though and not some stranger lurking around. That's what I was worried about when I first looked out and saw the dog up at the fence barking.

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