Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Monday

Today my kids and I enjoyed a day to kick back, relax, and stay in our pj's. I didn't even put on my shoes except to go out to let the meter reader gal into the yard. Even then, all I did was slip on my flip flops. We all need a day like this every now and then. Today was our day.

We watched a lil' tv, snacked on some cheese sticks, veggies 'n' dip, and even treated ourselves to some cookies.

I worked a little online, did a tiny bit of crocheting, and we even squeezed in a short game of Yahtzee before hubby got home from work. Yes, poor hubby had to get dressed today to go to work. He didn't however have to end up being out of town so that was a plus to his day.

Shortly after hubby getting home, my brother came over and I fixed supper for us all. I made chicken terriyaki and white rice. It was good but not as good as what I normally make. When we purchased the terriyaki sauce recently, I didn't get the right kind. What I got this time was more of a marinade than the regular terriyaki sauce I normally use. Supper was still good and definitely edible, but probably not the type of terriyaki sause I'll use too often, if ever again.

Now we're all just lounging around enjoying our evening. Hope you all had a good start to your week like our Monday was!

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