Sunday, June 10, 2012

Longer Days

So I'm loving the warmer weather now. Some days it is quite hot but you know, I think I'd rather have hot than cold, windy, snowy weather any day. My husband, well, he's quite the opposite. He likes the cooler, colder weather more than the hot. He says you can add layers to keep warm but you can only take so much off to cool down. Lol. This is true, but I still like summer better than winter. :-)

Along with the warmer weather come the longer daylight hours which I'm also enjoying. I like how it stays light out longer in the evenings. What I'm having a hard time getting use to is the sun rising earlier in the mornings.

I'm lying in bed, snoozing away. I roll over and open my eyes. The sun is up. It's daylight out. I look at the clock, and............... it's not even 7am yet! What? I don't like to get up THAT early unless I have prior plans/commitments to be somewhere. I roll back over and sometimes can fall back asleep pretty quick and other times I can't.

I really should get up those times when it is so early. I mean, I'm awake already. Imagine all the stuff I could get accomplished if I started my day THAT early! Naw! I think I'd like to sleep a bit longer! :-)

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