Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Movie "Titantic"

For a few months, maybe even longer, my daughter has been wanting to see the movie called "Titantic". I think she had read a book about it at school and then when a few friends of mine brought up seeing it in 3D at the movie theater when it came back out, I think that is what really sparked my daughter's interest in watching the movie.

Well, my mom had the original version of the movie on VHS tape. Yes, those things STILL exist. We own a number of them! My mom had told us we could borrow the tape so my daughter could watch it but she kept forgetting to give it to us when we would see her.

Yesterday she finally remembered so we brought it home and after supper, my daughter and I sat down to watch the movie "Titantic". My son kind of stopped to watch a bit of it but it didn't really hold his interest. Hubby didn't watch with us because he said he had sat through it once and wasn't going to again. He and I had seen it years ago.

For the most part, my daughter sat glued to the tv watching it. She turned or covered her eyes though during the romantic parts of it. She doesn't like all the mushy stuff in movies. Lol.

The look on her face during parts of the movie looked as if she was sad but she never cried. She asked a lot of questions though about things that I had to explain to her.

After the movie was over, hubby asked if she liked it. She said not really and when he asked why, her reason was because it was sad and I think she mentioned not liking the romance part of it too.

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