Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me

This morning I was still lying in bed, kind of awake, kind of asleep, debating on getting up and starting my day. From the kitchen I could hear some noise and I remembered my daughter had wanted me to sleep in this morning. She had asked me last night to do so.

See, today is my wedding anniversary and my daughter wanted to make me breakfast in bed. She really LOVES to do so on special days. When I heard the noise from the kitchen I knew she was in there preparing my breakfast so I stayed put so as not to ruin her "surprise".

A few minutes later she came in carrying a small cookie sheet that held a bowl of yogurt and a champagne glass of orange juice. She was proud of what she made me. Proud of the blue yogurt which is my favorite color and proud of the fancy glass she had poured my orange juice in.

She crawled up in my bed and watched as I finished my breakfast. Such a sweet daughter I have to be so thoughtful huh? Wouldn't trade her for anything!

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