Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daddy's Present

Today my kids and I ran a few errands. The first was to the post office to mail a couple of packages and the second was to K-mart to pick up a few things.

This evening after my hubby got home, I found out that my son remembers things even when you would think he might not since he is just 3 years old.

My son was taking his nap when my hubby got home, but as soon as he woke up, one of the first things he told daddy was that we got him a present. Hubby asked me, "You got me a present?" So of course, I couldn't lie and told him yes. Obviously it is for Father's Day this coming weekend.

Before we had left to run our errands I had told my son that we were going to go get daddy a present. He obviously did not forget that bit of information. Thankfully I hadn't told him WHAT we were getting daddy or he probably would have told him.

Funny thing is, I had told my daughter not to even tell daddy we got him anything that way it would ALL be a surprise. Well, now, thanks to my son, daddy knows he's getting SOMETHING, he just doesn't know what.

This all reminds me of a time when I was a kid. My grandma was opening up her present and my cousin said something like, "I hope you like your yellow sweater." Gotta love kids, don't ya? Since my son didn't know what I had bought for my hubby, we didn't have THAT outcome to him knowing his present but now I bet he is wondering what we did get him though. :-)

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