Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where To Put The Furniture?

We already purchased a new entertainment credenza for our living room so our HUGE entertainment center we were using went downstairs in our basement. When hubby's parents asked if we'd want their old couch and loveseat because they got new ones, we said yes. That worked out great because now we could have a little living room area in the basement too.

Hubby's parents furniture is actually still in really good condition so we're still trying to decide if we want to put our current couch and loveseat downstairs or if we want to put his parent's furniture down there.

I'm undecided because even though hubby's parent's furniture is still in good condition so is our current furniture. It makes it harder to decide because our couch and loveseat match the upstairs great and I have these wonderful quilts to lay on the back of them that match too that my grandparents made for us. Hubby's parents furniture would match the upstairs too but I'm not sure how the quilts would look on them.

Also, the fact that we paid for our current furniture and it still looks nice comes into consideration. Whichever set goes in the basement won't get used very often so this kind of makes me want to put the hand me down furniture downstairs so we can continue using the ones we paid for.

But.......then you have the cushions. Our current furniture has back cushions that come off that our son likes to take on and off which can be a tad annoying at times. Hubby's parents furniture doesn't have this so that would be nice.

Hmmm.......where to put which set? Decisions. Decisions.

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