Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ewww....You Stink!

I had totally hoped to have a stay in my pj's day yesterday but alas that did not happen. While I was in the bathroom putting on my deodorant and perfume my 3 year old little boy came in and wanted some too. Of course I didn't put perfume on him but I did put a bit of daddy's cologne on his arm and then we rubbed it to the other arm too.

He went to find daddy so he could smell. I heard daddy say to him, "Ewwww.....you stink!" I think my son thought that was funny. I yelled out to my hubby from the other room, "Well, if he stinks then you do too because that is your cologne."

Both of my kids wanted to be like mommy and daddy when it came to wearing deodorant and perfume/cologne. I remember my daughter putting on deodorant when she was younger. She would rub it on her belly! What fun memories that just make ya smile!

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