Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unknown Phone Numbers

When ever the house phone or one of our cell phones ring and the phone number is not one either my hubby or I recognize, we generally will not answer the phone. We have voice mail on our house phone and our cell phones so we figure if it ends up being someone we know who really need/wants to talk with us they will leave a message and we'll call them back.

We've been rearranging furniture lately and my hubby plugged in an extra phone in the living room. Well, my son doesn't know the "if we don't know the phone number we don't answer it" screening process when the phone rings.

Yep, you can guess what happened, can't ya? When the phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, didn't recognize who it was, and wasn't going to answer. Next thing I hear is a little voice saying, "Hello." It was kind of cute but yet not so cute. I think he thought it was daddy on the other end. I just hung up the phone. Who ever it was must have either had the wrong number or didn't want to talk to us because they never called back.

Ummm....the extra phone hubby plugged in will not be staying plugged in!

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