Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Check Engine Light

Not sure if I want to tell my hubby the check engine light came on in my truck tonight? The last time I told him something wasn't quite right with my truck, he went round and round with it for two days before having to end up calling reinforcements to help him.

I suppose I really should mention it though seeing as to how I am not a mechanic and have NO clue as to what is wrong with it. Maybe this time it will actually be a simple, easy fix for hubby to take care of. Maybe. *fingers crossed*

I guess if it ends up being a pain in hubby's rear again, it'll give me something to blog about!

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  1. Believe it or not, those lights are programmed to automatically turn on after a certain amount of miles. Just so people can run a check on things. A lot of times, it's something simple as, gascap not screwed on right. Your local franchised-run auto store will connect a hand-held computer to it for free & let you know what the problem may be. Good Luck!!! (Don't worry though; My light's been on for three months now!:(