Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lost Barbie

Whenever we go to someones' house to open presents for Christmas I don't like for my kids to open any of their new gifts while we are there because I'm always afraid they will lose them or forget them especially when we are out of town because then it wouldn't be quite so easy to go back for them the next day. I would rather they wait until we were home to open them especially if there are lots of small parts.

Yesterday we were at my grandparents' house for our family Christmas and yep, you guessed it. Something was lost. Oh and yes, I said Christmas in January. Due to everyone having so many different places to be for the holiday including out of town places, our family has decided that meeting a week or two after Christmas works best for us all.

Back to the lost something. My grandparents gave my daughter and my cousins' daughter each a Barbie play set. Well, since my cousin let her daughter open her play set, of course my daughter wanted hers open as well. I didn't really want to because there were so many pieces but I caved and let her open it. We only took out the Barbie doll though, not all the accessory pieces that came with it. I didn't figure it would hurt to just have the Barbie doll. Yeah, I was proven wrong!

When it came time to go home, yep, you guessed it again! Barbie was NO WHERE to be found! We looked all over my grandparents' house. No Barbie! The last time I had seen my daughter with it was when we were outside and she was going inside to put it away since she was finished playing with it.

When we asked her where she put it she said she had put it on the bag with a quilt in it. Well, we all get a quilt made by my grandparents for Christmas so there were a lot of bags with quilts in them to choose from. At the time she said she put Barbie on a bag with a quilt I believe my hubby had already taken our bag out to the truck so it wasn't our quilt Barbie was lying on.

Grandma looked in the bag my daughter thought she put Barbie on but she wasn't there. I called two of my brothers and my mom so they could double check their bags but alas Barbie is still missing. I think we are going to go back to my grandparents house later today to have another look around.

She has a lot more Barbie dolls already so she doesn't necessarily NEED this one but of course she WANTS it. Hmmmm....wonder if from now on she'll want to wait to open her new items until she gets home so that this won't happen again? I'm thinking, probably not but hey, at least I know mommy knows best, right?

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